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            Early 2008, Lito and Helen Palabay, started contacting Amy Canso, Connie Fretz, Angela Lopez and Sue Kenington- who's willing to teach and share their knowledge of dance. Announcement about line dancing lesson were made to their closest friends. At first, mostly around Niagara falls and St. Catharines area showed up, then later on, friends from Beamsville to Fort Erie joined.

The schedule for the line dancing lesson started  every wednesday night, then become monday night.  Thelma and Rene Ongcangco  manage to get a location in St. Catharines by booking the gym of Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School, then at St. Christopher Catholic elementary school. However, we always ended up not being able to dance when there were any school activities or the school holidays.

Sylvia Ocasion and Virginia Navarro tried a new venture by starting a  group for beginners  in line dancing at Niagara falls by renting the St. Antoine Church Hall. Headed by Ross Navarro, he shares all  he has learned from Lito Palabay, Amy Canso and Connie Fretz. People started coming and the numbers increased, so we decided to make the St. Antoine Church Hall our permanent  venue. 

By the end of 2008 we had a full schedule of ballroom and line dancing lesson  headed by Lito Palabay, Amy Canso, Klaas & Margaret Smit, Connie Fretz, Sue Kenington and Ross Navarro.

With our own Audio technician  Jim Fretz & Ross Navarro, they provide all the ballroom and line dancing music. They operate the audio equipment and even prepare the wireless head set microphone for the instructor.

  Dancers did their share in helping to make our monday night lessons and events a success. People starts bringing their own specialty food & snack that we share during our break time.  

 Amy Canso, Helen & Lito Palabay, Elise and Dante Daquioag, Connie & Jim Fretz, Ross & Virginia Navarro, Jimmy &  Sylvia Ocasion, Nancy Lucena, Marilyn & Jose Navarro, Klaas and Margaret Smit, Joy Fajardo, Vicky Elatico, Flora and Ding Nava, Serge & Evelyn de Mesa , Norma Mclagan, Luz Makimkim, Violy McArthur, Alice Udell, Al and Eding Mosquite, Rene & Thelma Ongcangco, Marina Factor, Nimfa Ortega, Perla Reddy, Rey Baecher, Amy & Gary Garland, Malou & Edna. Rolly and Angela Lopez, Eddie and Tessie Panga, Kelli and Roy Shantz, Divina and Gener dela Cruz, Rudy & Linda Palabay, Nora & Ruben Abucay, Terry & Dean, Sue & Pete Kenington, Lailani & Jim, Glo & Gordon, Rena McCormick, Norma Kehoe, Rosemary Anderson, Febes & Gerry Aguilar, Tessie & Boyet Rimando, Helen Guzman, Josie, Christine & Pepe Nacua, Marilou & Mario Alvear, Wendy, Johnny & Lita Pingol, Aida Mulley, Ofelia, Cherry Gabitan, Lourdes Ferrer, Vicky and Bert Manansala, Cesar & Daisy Baptista, Armi and Mila Aramburo, Pete & Cynthia Enriquez, Jose & Rosel Evangelista, Fely Cajucom, Loly and Victor, Maybeth Ross, Grace, Art Viola, Dolores, Gissele, Rod and Margaret, Paul, Glenda, Son and Zen Tran, Tess and Boy Aoanan, Susie and Willy Due, Donna Graham,etc....











Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct 16 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday, Oct 23 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Oct 25 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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